Weighbridge Automation

We Provide Weighbridge Automation and Customize Software Solution for New And Existing Weighbridge.

Weighbridge Software

Used for Industrial and Public Weighbridge, fully Customizable on site, integrate any Brand Indicator with RS232 Communication

Unmanned Weighbridge

Integrate with Accessories like CCTV Camera, Boom Barrier, Positioning Sensor, Weight Display, Sound System, Traffic Light etc.

Weighbridge Automation and Software Solution

Total Software Solution


CCTV Camera

Integrate CCTV IP Camera and Analog Camera. Up to 4 Camera in Single System, Automatically Capture Image.

Boom Barrier

Allow only Authorised Vehicle for Weighment on Weighbridge.

Position Sensor

Allow to Vehicle Weighment when On Vehicle Proper Positioning.

Traffic Light

Controller Vehicle Traffic On Weighbridge. Green signal allow to weighment and Red Signal prohibit and stop vehicle.

Weighbridge Solution as per Industries Requirement